MC's: Entertain Your Audience

It doesn't matter whether you are master of ceremonies to a group of tens or a group of thousands, the same basic principles apply when attempting to capture the attention of disparate groups of people. Perhaps you've been asked to host a wedding party or you are the lead speaker at a local social club, whatever the situation may be, you need to know that your message is getting heard and grabbing people's attention.

Know Your Audience

MC and entertainers need to be aware of their audience at all times and make sure that their style matches the expectations of their public. If you're playing something low key then keep the tone appropriate and if you're MC'ing at a big party then keep the flow up and your delivery lively. As with everything in life, it's all about preparation. So if you're not organising the event yourself then speak to the organisers and get a feel for what they expect in terms of a crowd. Get yourself into the right headspace before you begin so you can get up there on the mic and give the people a good show.

Know Yourself

We're all individuals with our own way of presenting ourselves. Know your strengths and weaknesses before you begin your life as an MC or entertainer. What are you most passionate about and where do your skills lie? Trying to force a good performance in an environment you're not comfortable can be a real mood killer and the audience will notice it. If this is your chosen profession then there are going to be times where you're playing to an alien crowd, but always try and book gigs that you want to do and the energy you need will come naturally.

Practice Makes Perfect

It doesn't matter whether you're practising up there on the big stage or in front of your bathroom mirror, practice makes perfect.  There's nothing worse than forgetting your lines or stumbling over patter when you've got a sea of eyes looking at you and the best way to avoid that is making sure you know, by heart, your routine. Write want you want to say and read, re-read and re-re-read it. Speak the words out loud as often as you can and work from memory as much as possible. We're all liable to fumble our words here and there but with enough practice, you can roll through any form of public speaking without even thinking about it.

Have Fun

Being an MC or an entertainer is about putting an energy into the room and the best way to instil a positive feel in an event is to enjoy yourself and lead others enjoyment. If you're up there having the time of your life then the audience will follow you, a positive MC or entertainer leads the feeling of the room. Conversely, if you're not feeling it, then your crowd will struggle to feel it too. If you can't naturally bring some positive vibes into the room then you'll have trouble getting the crowd going, so make sure you're in a positive headspace before you ever step out onto the stage. It can be tough sometimes but just remember, you're following your dream, so be stoked!

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, your performance relies on the whole package. If you're not happy, prepared and heading out there with a passionate attitude, then your performance is going to suffer. Making sure you tick all of the above boxes is essential when it comes to being an MC or an entertainer. No one element of the performance should be make or break, instead it should be an amalgamation of all of your hard work and passion that comes together to create something vibrant and engaging. So long as you remember that you're in the right place and that you've done the right things then ay event you host, should go swimmingly. And finally, remember that if it doesn't, that's not a failure. Walk away with your head held high and use the experience to grow as a performer and focus in on what went right as much as what went wrong. Good luck, have fun, go get them!